Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kansas City Cup

This race, held out in swope park by the MTN. Bike trails(click),was a very technical course. Very fun with lots of single track, plenty of room to recover, and a few logs to jump.

By going to you can see the race results to the left and the upcoming races to the right.

As you can see in the video, the start of the race is pretty important. You want to get out in front in a hurry because passing people in corners is tough. The person in the video missed his pedal at the start and wasn't clipped in till the top of the hill, this being the first race of the season, we'll let him slide and hopefully improve.

There was also some barrier hopping going on in this race. The barriers for KC Cup were the smallest legal barriers. Still, a lot of people hurt themselves trying to clear all of them and the rider in the video opted to run em.

After the race there was plenty of beer and food left, key to a great event.

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