Thursday, September 30, 2010

Racing this Weekend/Flyer Breakdown.

Joe F. and Jeremy H. put on an excellent series called Boss Cross. The first two races are this saturday and sunday.

Click here to get to their blog.

The race is right by the Argosy Casino, just over the river, they have good directions.

Sometimes, flyers are hard to read for people just getting into racing.

If you are a man and a beginner, then you are a cat 4 cyclocrosser. This race is at 1:00pm and is 40minutes long. If you are over the age of 40, you may race with the masters cat 4 riders which start at the same time, 1:00pm. If you are planning on racing this race, please register by 12:00, have your jersey and number pinned by 12:30 and get a good warm up in. It is also encouraging to pre ride the course.

DO NOT PRE-RIDE the course when there is a race in progress, the judges will dq you just like they did at KC CUP. Please ask an official before pre riding.

If you are a beginner and are racing a single speed bike, there is also the option to race the Single speed class. It is a much faster class than the cat 4 category, but fun just the same.

For the women, it is the same deal, just know that your race is at 12:00, so come early and ready to have fun.

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